Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency vs. DIY

Marketing is essential for the success of every business, big or small. With digital marketing, businesses are able to engage with potentials online and convert them to customers or clients. As a business owner, you have two options when it comes to digital marketing. One, you can do it yourself. Two, you can hire someone to do it for you. So, which one should you choose? This article highlights some key considerations when choosing between digital marketing agencies and DIY.  


Digital marketing covers so much, including social media, website, SEO, online reviews, content, email and paid advertising. For you to excel in any of these areas, you will require some knowledge and expertise. For every marketing channel you use, you should know the best practices and mistakes to avoid. Knowledge of how to measure the results is also essential. Thus, when it comes to expertise, you can either invest your time in learning or you hire someone who is already an expert. To minimize costs, you can focus on one area you know well or can learn and outsource the rest. 


The next consideration is time. How much time do you have in your hands to focus on marketing? Planning and implementing a campaign takes time, so if you are considering DIY, make sure you have some hours to spare each day. Also, when considering time, check how working on the marketing by yourself will affect your key business operations. Cutting down some business hours to focus on marketing may not be a very good idea. When you choose to handle it all, you may end up losing the clients or customers you already have. For instance, if you have a law firm, instead of limiting the number of clients you take each day, you could look into marketing services such as Just Legal Marketing so that you work all day long. 

If you are doing DIY, ensure you have a good balance. For those who are busy throughout the day, working with an expert can be the better option. You can hire an agency to focus on your marketing as you deal with your core business. 


Finally, take a look at your budget. Start-ups on a tight budget can begin with DIY and hire an expert down the line. However, since expertise affects the outcome of the marketing, you may want to hire an expert for your new business for best results. Furthermore, when you spend money on marketing, you will benefit by gaining more customers and sales. 

If you decide to go with a digital marketing agency, do your homework well before hiring. Ensure the company you are choosing has a know-how of your industry. Any agency can handle your marketing, but working with someone who is familiar with your industry is preferable. Next, check the areas of expertise, the costs and your marketing budget. Some agencies will charge you per hour and others per job. Most importantly, go for an agency with a good reputation. Look for online reviews before hiring an agency.