GRA Launches an Online Platform for Tax Collection

Ghana’s tax collection institute, the Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA), has introduced an online platform for tax collection and its related activities. The aim of this platform is to help improve tax collection and filing of returns in the country.

The platform is formally called the Integrated Tax Application and Preparation System (also known as the ITAPS). The Integrated Tax Application and Preparation System (ITAPS) platform will serve as a single place to conduct all tax-related activities and services online.

The ITAPS platform will allow individuals and companies to prepare taxes and apply tax services online. ITAPS, as well, enables the taxpayer to receive other GRA services online. Taxpayers will just have to create their account, log in and file their annual tax returns. All this will be done from the comfort of users’ homes or offices.

With this platform, users can as well have access to services from the Ghana Revenue Authority. Such services include Withholding Tax Credit Certificate (e-Tax Credit) and VAT Withholding Tax Credit Certificate (e-VAT Credit). Users can as well access their Tax Clearance Certificate (e-TCC) via the ITAPS platform.

There are options through which taxpayers can pay their taxes with this platform. The taxes can be paid through the usual mobile money system or other online payments channels.

Already, the first stage of the ITAPS online platform is up and running. The platform, for the time being, has accessibility for individual taxpayers only —only individuals can pay their taxes online for now. The next stage will include accessibility for companies and multinationals. That phase is slated to be formally rolled out by June this year.