Homechow App and Vodafone Ghana Announce Partnership

The Ghanaian tech space is a booming industry. With Ghana’s mobile money penetration, being posed as one of the best on the continent and thousands of smartphones being sold across the country, each day.

In a vibrant industry, collaborations are needed to accelerate growth. This is why Vodafone Ghana and Homechow food delivery App have partnered in what they describe as, “A move towards a cashlite society”.

The unprecedented announcement was made in a joint release, issued by both companies. Speaking on behalf of Vodafone, Mr. Martison Obeng-Agyei was confident that the move is “Another step, to make Vodafone cash a ubiquitous platform”. The Head of Vodafone Cash explained that the company is happy to be a partner with Homechow, “as we aim towards becoming a market leader in Ghana”.

With the expanded Homechow food delivery App, featuring access to over 400 restaurants and an effervescent delivery service, Vodafone user will be in for incentives, such as reductions on all deliveries on Fridays.

The CEO for Homechow described the partnership as a win for users and customers. Mr. Gabriel Ankamafio stated, “The tech space in Ghana and the sub-Saharan African region is picking up pace, and we at Homechow App, are relentlessly working to stay ahead of the pack”.

How to Access and Enjoy the New Vodafone 4G Network

Christmas is in early for Vodafone customers since from today, March 19, 2019, onwards, they can also enjoy a high-speed 4G network services from the company. Vodafone Ghana won the license to operate 4G network from the NCA in December last year.

The telecom company then promised to roll out the 4G network in April but last week, the CEO, Yolanda Cuba, announced that the deployment will start today. She said there had been massive support from the technical team so the company was able to fast-track the operations of the 4G services.

Vodafone is now the second telecom company in the country to introduce 4G network to its users, falling after MTN Ghana.

Now, if you are a Vodafone network user, you would want to know how to enjoy the high-speed network too. Well, the CEO also disclosed, last week, that Vodafone Ghana has more than 200 sites, where customers can access the 4G service. And these sites are all spread across the country. So, you may probably be able to access the network from your locality.

With that said, you can also check your phone and SIM card if they have support for the 4G service.

How to check if your SIM card and phone can support Vodafone’s 4G network

To know if your SIM card and phone are eligible to access Vodafone’s 4G network, follow the steps below.

  1. Dial *700# via your Vodafone SIM card and phone you’re checking for.
  2. Select the option 6 (Check 4G status).
  3. Then select the option 1 (Check 4G phone & SIM Readiness).
  4. A prompt will be sent to you giving you information about your SIM card and phone. The message will tell you if you can access the 4G network or not.

On the other hand, you can just dial *700*6*1# to instantly get the information about your SIM card and phone.

If the prompt message says both your phone and SIM card are 4G ready, then you can go ahead and switch to 4G.

You can also get a prompt saying your SIM card is ready but your phone is not. That simply means your phone was not made to support 4G network and there’s nothing you can do about it. You would have to get a new phone that supports the service.

But if the prompt says your phone is good to go but not your SIM card, you are fairly lucky. You just need to go cop a 4G SIM card from any of Vodafone Ghana’s office.