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Did you know that the average man in Ghana spends about 45 minutes to over one hour waiting in queues for his turn to get a haircut in a barbering shop? This doesn’t include the amount of time spent commuting from your location to the barbering shop.

Now that is a lot of time you could have spent engaging in equally important activities like spending quality time with the family, engaging in leisure or working in the office.

Branding now is trying to measure not just the affinity, but the trust a consumer has in you,” says Todd Copilevitz, a branding consultant in Atlanta. Every business needs branding to attract more customers and that’s just what some two Ghanaian men are doing with their haircut business

They go by the name Shave Masters and their mission is simple, really: Barbering at your doorstep. And that’s where the branding comes in. Each day, people who get a haircut walk to barbering shops to get their haircut nicely done but what happens if you are very busy and can’t make it to your favourite barbering saloon?

With Shave Masters, you don’t have to waste time in long queues for a haircut, you only need to sit at the comfort of your home or office and they will come to wherever you are in Accra to give you the best haircut.

Like many entrepreneurs, Shave Masters have found that savvy branding efforts go a long way toward cultivating that trust. And while there’s no single formula for branding your way into a client’s warm embrace, it’s generally agreed that it takes more than a clever slogan or a catchy jingle. At the very least, it takes strong job performance, effective marketing (often online) and favorable public opinion.

The average Ghanaian spends long hours waiting in queues for a haircut. Why travel long distances and wait in long queues for a hair cut, when you can simply pick up a phone and call Shave Masters to come to you in the comfort of your home or office and give you the excellent haircut you deserve?

Why go through the hustle of commuting and waiting in long queues just to get a haircut, when you can simply pick up a phone and call Shave Masters to come to your house, office or any location, to give you the perfect haircut you deserve.

It’s Convenient, Affordable and Reliable. At Shave Masters, they value your time and your comfort. Waste no time. Give them a call on 0243374715 or 0201357533