EVENT ALERT: MAN1 – An 18+ Comedy show by YEP Productions

When a man with a Gold turban comes knocking on your door, know that money has come to pay a visit. You either welcome it well to stay or you make it go. Which one are you choosing?

MAN1 is an 18+ comedy which was performed by YEP Productions from 15th February to 17th February 2019 on the University of Ghana Campus.

The Venue was fully packed with a lively audience and laughter from the beginning to the end of the show.

This show became the topic of discussion among any group of students who had watched it or heard of it.

YEP will stage this play again at the National Theatre of Ghana during the Theatre festival celebrations this September.

Cast includes Abraham McPratt Dadzie, Ebow Barton Odro, Dede Djamaki, Napoleon Mensah and many others who are all renowned stage personalities.

YEP Productions has staged productions such as Moonshine Solidarity, Red Hot Mamas, Sex Strike, The Begotten and Man Talk Woman Talk, Chamber and Hall, MAN1 to its Credit.

This is a must-watch production set for the 29th of September 2019 at 4pm.

The show runs only once at the said time and tickets for the show are priced at 50cedis single, 80cedis double and 20 cedis for students with Valid ID cards. If you have not watched any play from YEP, this is the time to come and experience our world of theatrical excellence.


DATE: 29TH September 2019
VENUE: National Theatre of Ghana
CONTACT: 0264457928