Don’t Use Surfline’s 4G Network If……

surflinegh 4g network

4G has been around since 2009 but Ghana first tasted this goodness in 2014 through Surfline Communications, which happens to be the only telco in Ghana owned 100% by Ghanaians.

The company was established as far back as 2011, but it kept lurking around until it launched in August 2014. Their services currently cover Accra, Tema and Takoradi, Ashiaman etc.

Being Ghana’s first 4G LTE company, Surfline is arguably the fastest and ‘bestest’ 4G telco provider in Ghana, of course, this would largely also depends on your location and their network coverage in your neighbourhood. But those around their main coverage areas would testify to the superior network quality of the ‘its about time’ company.

Being a regular on the network I can attest first hand to some highs of the telco in areas such as :

  • Relatively cheaper data packages (compared to other top competitors)
  • Varying forms of devices (USB modem, Wingle, MiFi, Router) to suit every budget and style
  • Fastest 4G /Speed of data transfer (upload and download)
  • Good and responsive customer relation (online, phone or in-person)
  • Solid promotional packages (more on this later)
  • More network area coverage

There is absolutely no doubt that I am a hardcore Surfline evangelist and have in the past recommended it to peeps looking to switch Internet service providers.

But just like everything GOOD in life, there is also the BAD and UGLY.

I remember some 2 years back whiles purchasing my MiFi device, I enquired about an extra battery and was told then that non was available at that moment or some basic customer service excuse like that.

Fast forward to 2018, with a bloated battery and a pile of data, any minute now and my device would be almost unusable. I was initially of the assumption that by now Surfline would have battery replacements and various other accessories at their various sales points, unfortunately, that isn’t the case as those in need of batteries for their devices are often referred to the black market(circle) to go hunting for themselves. SMH

surflinegh 4g network

But seriously though, how hard can it be to have these accessories available at your sales shops.

It may seem I am not the only one experiencing this whole battery drama as evident by commentaries of others on social media

surflinegh 4g network


So yes, for those who aren’t ready to go through the stress and hustle of getting common battery replacements, this may be something to consider before thinking of switching to Surfline.

surflinegh 4g network


In the spirit of spilling the UGLY sides of my beloved ISP provider, Surfline beautifully introduced a 10 for 10 data package in the latter part of 2017.

This package aims to give customers a special bundle with a data volume of 10GB at GHc10, valid for 6 hours from the time of purchase and available for purchase only on Sundays.

Brilliant right? Yes… until you realize it almost doesn’t work and a pain in ‘you know where’.

On 3 different Sundays, I activated the service, I was left pretty stranded with extremely slow non-loading internet for 6 long hours (take a sec to digest the number of hours that is…offline).

So yes if you are thinking of switching to Surfline because of the 10 for 10 promo, this might be another reason to consider.

They say no system is perfect and there are bound to be flaws but basic things such as having battery replacements/accessories readily available for customers and falsely promoting Internet data packages that don’t afford the user any benefit but pain, are not mistakes a huge telco like Surfline should be making.

Hopefully, these problems would see the light of solutions so that loyal customers such as myself who spend GHc300/month and more on your service can continue to patronize and recommend it services to others.

Have good/bad experiences to share regarding your Surfline experience so far? Do comment your opinon in the comment section