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ghud music

There used to be a time in the Ghanaian music industry when cassettes and physical record sales were the order of the day, but you’d agree with me that those days are fast becoming a thing of the past with the rapid adoption of internet technologies to power various music portals and avenues.

In more developed parts of the world, structures and systems are in place to track the release of songs, how well they are doing in terms of downloads etc and out of these source of data, various credible music charts have emerged to rank releases week after week.

In Ghana, however, the situation is quite different; here the popularity of a song automatically seems to suggest that the song is big and the artiste has arrived, we tend to base our information on public perception and assumption coupled with the lack of hardcore statistics to back the real music sales, number of downloads etc has led lots of music acts overemphasizing their influence within the territory.

In this regard, a startup has emerged to solve the existing problem.

Allow me to introduce GhudMusic; a digital music data analysis system and chart hub.

ghud music


GhudMusic seeks to solve the music data issue in the Ghanaian industry by building a credible database out of all songs released, tracking downloads and real-time airplay, with an effective analysis of the stats to create charts from which various methods of recognition can derive date, to grant fair and due recognition to deserving talents

The platform is aimed at all involved in the music and entertainment business (artiste, managers, DJ’s, investors etc) in one form or another to make informed decisions regarding the progress of released music and other strategic ways of pushing the songs.

Is this the startup that will finally pull together the much-needed music data and stats in the Ghana music industry?

Keep following this space closely as subsequent weeks and months will unveil the exciting potential of this innovation set to revolutionize the Industry.

ghud music

For more information, Kindly reach out to Ghudmusic on 0244203491 and be sure to follow them on social media via:

Instagram: ghudmusic

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