Startup Profile : CheckCredit — The Fastest Way To Check Your Call Credit and Data Balance With Just One Click

checkcredit mobile app

By default, the traditional means of checking your airtime, credit balance or data is by dialing short codes and USSD codes on telco networks.

But how about a one-click solution that saves you all that dialing time? Say hello to CheckCredit 

checkcredit mobile app

CheckCredit is an android mobile app that serves as a utility tool with a user free interface, capable of being the new recharge master, balance and data checker on either single sim phones or multi-sim phones.

Launched in March 2018, the mobile utility management tool developed by Check Systems Limited is meant to make you and your smartphone smarter.

checkcredit mobile app



Currently operating on android mobile phones, the App provides easy access to USSD without you having to constantly memorize short codes, thereby saving time and working smarter

The app features core functionalities such ability to check call balance, recharge, data balance, mobile money and a notification bar.

Let me break them down:

1. Call Balance:

Now prepaid mobile call balance is just a click on the go making it easy for users to have access to their balance at any time either with the floating feature ,inside the main app or with notification. Separate balance check for single/ Dual SIM mobile phones.

2. Recharge

Easily top-up with your the unique recharge feature either with “Tap n Write” feature or “Speak to Write” feature in real time while excluding the require USSD prefix. You can also use the recharge within the notification.

checkcredit mobile app


3. Data Balance

Always be alert with your mobile prepaid data balance with just the click.
• Separate Data balance check for single/ Dual SIM mobile phones.
• Check balance of data packs as 2G, 3G & 4G data pack with the expiry date.

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4. Mobile Money

Get in touch with your mobile money wallet and other services at ease from your mobile network operator.

5. Notification Bar

With this feature, get mobile balance, data balance and recharge at go. Information at a glance with many options.

With other equally good competitors out there such as Promolante, Credify, and all mobile network operator Apps out there, CheckCredit holds the competitive advantage of:

  • Ability to read display dual sim on a single interface when both sims are present.
  • Displays a Single interface on a dual sim phone when only one sim is present.
  • A floating feature for Checking Call credit and when drag into an X layout, it creates a notification with three options basically Balance, Topup and Data whether on Single or on Dual sim phones.

checkcredit mobile app


Say goodbye to your days of getting frustrated dialing long shortcodes and pin digits just to check credit balance and data. Download CheckCredit here

The app only works in Ghana but will be introduced into other countries in the coming months.

The company also specializes in other digital services such as:

  • Website development
  • Web Application development
  • Mobile Apps development
  • Document Digitization
  • Data digital Archiving
  • Digital Advertising

To reach out to Check Systems Limited visit their website at or e-mail them,

Contact them on Phone 0541 722 800 and follow on social media via:

Follow them on social media via:

Facebook – mycheckcredit

Instagram – @mycheckcredit




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