How to Shop Online With MTN Mobile Money

shop online mtn mobile money

The massive penetration of smartphones in Ghana has seen a huge demand for internet use and the emergence and rapid spring up of various shopping platforms in Ghana.

This means of shopping provides an efficient and smooth secure business environment since customers do not have move around with cash.

Shopping online involves usually involves buying commodities through the internet and payments done directly via a payment wallet.

This has been made possible through the development and acceptability of MTN mobile money as a method of payment. MTN subscribers are now able to pay for goods and service through online MTN mobile money.

Online MTN mobile money in Ghana provides a wide range of services including:

  • Payments of goods from markets and shops
  • fee payments
  • tickets purchasing
  • Bills payment
  • Purchasing applications from the internet
  • Pay for downloading music and multimedia content etc

MTN Ghana has also partnered with VISA to provide more effective means of payment. Online MTN mobile money customers can access their VISA accounts and make payments for goods and services from their MTN accounts whenever VISA is accepted. This step has made payment easier since very many merchants accept VISA payment method.


The partnership has enabled improved electronic payments as MTN mobile payment is becoming more popular among very many people in Africa. It is a critical step in financial development in Ghana.

The partnership also enables merchants to operate at the international level through buying and selling of commodities online

How to pay for goods and services using online MTN mobile money wallet

MTN online mobile money transfer method is usually very simple. The buyers after selecting all the commodities follow simple procedures to complete the transaction. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Select all the commodities that you want from the market.
  2. Go to your mobile phone and choose mobile money as your method of payment. On that menu, you will be required to input your MTN mobile money registered number
  3. Type the merchant reference code or business code of the merchant. These codes are usually provided by the merchant. They are the main requirements before approval of any transaction.
  4. Enter the amount which needs to pay to the merchant.
  5. The system will send a notification which will be confirming the payment. From the notification, you will be, fill in the business code, reference number and your mobile money pin code.
  6. Send back by pressing ok.
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There you go, conveniently purchase goods at your favourite online store and pay with MTN mobile money online