Send Bulk SMS Across Platforms Using mNotify Mobile App

mNotify SMS Mobile App

Over the years, communication has evolved so much, right along with the dynamic nature of technology. From sending scrolls tied to birds to the good old days of actually picking up a pen to a written letter which would prompt the not so welcome task of having to visit the post office, now messages can reach the intended audience in just a split second. All one needs is to have the right technology to get their message across, worldwide!

Communication is central to businesses, it is the essential oil that keeps every business machine running. Each day, customers need to be kept abreast with relevant information on their favourite brands and companies.

mNotify SMS Mobile App

What’s new on the menu? What is jaw-dropping discount there today? Any new branches open? These are all questions that business should be able to provide answers to in a timely fashion! In a world with a growing number of businesses that any genius mind cannot begin to calculate, it is an absolute MUST to keep customers satisfied at all times.

Bulk SMS is an effective way of reaching multiple customers at the same time, guaranteeing that they are always up-to-date with information. mNotify Company Limited is one of the best companies in Ghana when it comes to SMS and Mobile Apps. Their platform allows for messages to be sent across all existing networks in the country.

mNotify SMS Mobile App

mNotify’s Managing Director, Mr. Godwin Amefia, disclosed in an interview last week that the company had launched a Bulk SMS Mobile App.

The app minimizes the time that would have otherwise been spent by a user (sender of bulk SMS) in having to log into their account from their laptops/PCs before sending messages out. The app is user-friendly and simple, ensuring that everyone can effortlessly explore all the features and benefit from them significantly.

With the introduction of this app by mNotify, anyone who wants to send SMS to an intended audience can now do so more conveniently. No matter where your customer is, this Bulk SMS Mobile App by mNotify ensures that you reach them by any means necessary!

The days of plummeting numbers in product sales and revenue ceases from this point on! Do not be left out of this great move. Visit Play Store Download mNotify start.

The gap is being bridged, all you have to do is hop on board before you fall face down!

About mNotify

mNotify is a company into the development of SMS and Mobile Applications (Native & Mobile Web) and devoted to helping institutions/companies in the public and private sector improves customer relations and communication with their employees and suppliers.

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