Recommended Xmas and End of Year Habits for Entrepreneurs

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We’re just some days away from Christmas (the end of the year) with peeps already making travel plans to reunite with their families and love ones, others planning expensive vacations, parties and get-togethers are not left out as well. Just relaxing at home and chilling with family is also top priority for some this yuletide.

But to the entrepreneur, I recommend the following habits for a period like this;

  • Make more money/increase profits
  • Network
  • Appreciate all those who made your business year
  • Plan for the coming year
  • Reunite with family and friends.

Let me take you through each recommendation and explain why you need to take it up.

1. Make More Money/ Increase Profits

As an entrepreneur, this is one of the best times to skyrocket your profits. Take advantage of the festive season and the fever that comes with it.

December is one of the months people are making huge purchases, stats show this is the month most people overspend (budget deficit).

Just do that survey; a lot of people have serious and outrageous plans for this Yuletide. How have you positioned yourself to take advantage of a season like this?

Well, your business might be the kind that goes slow on occasions like this but I believe you could still turn tables around. I don’t know the kind  business or niche you are in but be creative and make sure your business enjoys Xmas.


2. Network

Take advantage of the Yuletide gatherings and get-togethers and network with other businessmen/women. No one is an Island and as an entrepreneur, you need to hook up with people you admire and aspire to be (mentors).

You need a business mentor or at least someone you fall on for advice if need be.

During this season just make sure you identify the big parties organized by the business tycoons. Do your research and get an invitation or better still invite yourself if you can’t get one. Know how to network and get favours and referrals from other businessmen/women.

Don’t underestimate the power of networking because it takes just one referral, one advice, one strategy, one tip from one business person to change the entire destiny of your company or startup.


3. Appreciate all those who made your Business Year

Thanksgiving and the end of the year is a great time to reflect on and make a list of everyone who helped to make your business’ year what it was.

A small gift, handwritten note, or even just a heartfelt email can help make your gratitude known to those who have had the greatest impact this year in the coming new year.

As an entrepreneur, end of a year is the time to cultivate that attitude of gratitude because it really pays to be grateful.

The list below are some key people you need to appreciate;

  • Your customers, clients or investors (anyone who helps fund your business)
  • Your employees, colleagues,  (anyone you worked alongside)
  • Your partners, vendors, and others who support your business
  • People who made valuable introductions for you
  • People who invited you to events or groups to network
  • People who featured, quoted, or otherwise promoted you in one form or another


4. Plan for the coming Year

Revisit your original plan/goals and objectives and compare your achievements. Ask yourself the following questions

  • Were you on the right path with regards to company mission and vision
  • Did you make the right moves
  • What didn’t you do right
  • How can you change what needs to be changed
  • How do you become even better in the coming year

You need to really sit down and reflect on the past months and position yourself as you project for the future.

Make sure you have a clearcut Marshall plan in place for the coming year. You don’t really need to do this alone as a CEO but if possible with partners and workers in the business.


5. Reunite with your Family and Friends

Nothing purchased can come close to the renewed sense of gratitude for having family and friends. – Courtland Milloy

As an entrepreneur, you’ve robbed your family and friends of some amount of quality time. It’s time to show them that love and let them know it wasn’t your fault, Christmas is really the best time to compensate them with gifts and your time.

Send them out to the beautiful places they’ve never been and try to be the best father, son, brother or friend, mother, sister that ever lived.

I don’t want to sound like a family counselor here but you know the right thing…when you succeed as an entrepreneur you will definitely need them around to celebrate with you.

In the spirit of appreciating family, friends, fans, business partners and all who contributed in one form or another to making this Blog a success in the course of the year, the team at AccraConnect salutes you.

We Appreciate you and look forward to a much much successful 2018 with you