How The New WhatsApp Business App Will Work For Ghanaian Businesses

whatsapp business android

A couple of weeks ago, your favourite Tech, business and lifestyle blog AccraConnect, featured news of the WhatsApp for Business App officially launched on Android, as at the time the app was not available for download in Ghana.

Fast forward today, the App is readily available for download and use in Ghana for businesses. This article looks to elaborate on the features that come with the Business App and its use for small businesses.

What’s the extra juice?

On first glance, the WhatsApp Business app doesn’t look very different from the WhatsApp we are all used to. But there are a few visible differences.

“B” icon that has replaced the telephone in the WhatsApp logo

whatsapp business android


The title bar that reads “WhatsApp Business” and the greyish-blue colour scheme

whatsapp business android


So what makes the WhatsApp Business App really unique?

Most of the new features can be found in the “Settings” menu

whatsapp business android

You will also find “Business settings” that opens up a menu containing “Profile”, “Messaging tools” and “Statistics” — which gives you basic chat stats

whatsapp business android


The profile menu lets you provide useful information about the business that will be visible to customers on your chat list.

You can add a display image and your business address

whatsapp business android

The location can also be pinned on Google Maps for customers to locate you easily.

You can go on to choose a category of your industry and add a description of your service too

whatsapp business android


Website, opening and closing hours and email address details can also go in here

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whatsapp business android

Messaging Tools

WhatsApp is clearly taking extra steps to ensure that business conversations are smooth and timely with its smart messaging tool feature. Businesses have the option of setting a/an:

Away message — A predefined message that is automatically sent to customers that contact you when you are unavailable. Messages can also be sent based on a schedule, for example, you can make customers get this message during your closing hours

whatsapp business android


Greeting message — A customised greeting message that introduces first-time customers or customers that have been inactive for two weeks on the chat platform to the business.


whatsapp business android



Quick replies — Allows businesses create keyboard shortcuts for frequently sent messages, so you don’t have to type the same message repeatedly.


whatsapp business android


This is the only new feature that is currently outside the settings menu. It allows businesses tag or label every chat and it comes with a variety of options.

whatsapp business android

whatsapp business android

You should also know

  • You can use the WhatsApp Business app and your personal WhatsApp app on the same phone with different numbers.
  • Other than these new features, the WhatsApp Business app still has all the regular features like WhatsApp Web, broadcasts etc.
  • You can use a landline number on WhatsApp Business.
  • Customers will be notified that they are, or maybe, chatting with a business account, depending on if the business has been verified or not.
  • Individuals still have control over their messages — a person can block a business account or report spam as usual.

Is your business using the all-new Whatsapp Business App? Kindly leave your comment your feedback and reactions in the section below.

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