VIDEO: 15 Reasons Why Ghanaian Women Earn Less Money Than Men

moesha boduong cnn interveiw

Following the conversation on social media sparked by controversial Actress and Instagram celebrity Moesha Boduong, with her recent interview on CNN’s Christiane Amanpour show regarding how tough the current Ghanaian economy is.

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I have managed to compile 15 strong reasons why women typically earn less than men in the workforce with the help of

The reasons are outlined below but be sure to watch the entire video to get vivid explanations to each of these reasons

  1. Women typically specialize in industries that pay less than men do
  2. Women Enter the workforce later than men
  3. Women work on average less hours than men
  4. Women are typically less competitive than men
  5. Women ask for less money when starting a new job than money
  6. Women are less likely to ask for a raise than men
  7. Women do not prioritize earnings as high as high as men do
  8. Women take more vacation than men do
  9. Women are more likely to leave work to take care of family
  10. After the first child, women scale back to work than men
  11. Women choose to dedicate more time to children, family and household than men do
  12. Women retire from the workforce earlier than men do
  13. Women work less dangerous jobs
  14. Gender discrimination is a real thing
  15. The more agreeable you are, the less you earn, women are more agreeable



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