Mobile Money Interoperability – Here are Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

mobile money Interoperability

Finally, it is here! Vice President Dr. Bawumia has launched the mobile money interoperability platform.

This simply means no matter which network you are on, you’ll be able to send mobile money to other networks seamlessly.

With help from, we managed to compile some answers to frequently asked questions to the Mobile Money Interoperability

1. What is Mobile Money Interoperability (MMI)?

MMI is a service which allows direct and seamless transfer of funds from one mobile money wallet to another across networks


2. Why is it important to have MMI?

Prior to the introduction of MMI, mobile money operators largely operated as closed platforms. Users of one network could not directly transfer money to users of other networks. This required Mobile money users to own multiple phones to transact across networks.

MMI will, therefore, enable Mobile Money users of one network to directly and seamlessly send money to other Mobile Money users on other networks.


3. What are the benefits of MMI service?

• Create convenience for Mobile Money users
• Drives financial inclusion
• Lower cost of a transaction
• Increase service reach
• Reduces reliance on cash
• 24/7 Access to funds in wallets and bank accounts
• Ease of moving funds between wallets and bank accounts
• Ease of receiving and making payments for goods and services


4. How can I use the service?

MMI service has been integrated into the existing Mobile Money service. Simply dial your existing Mobile money shortcode to access the service. The shortcode also provides users with all MMI functionalities.


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5. How to access MMI on MTN Mobile Money?

Dial *170#

Select Transfer Money

Select Other networks
NB: You can select any of the networks below:
i. Tigo Cash
ii. Airtel Money
iii. Vodafone Cash

You can also perform a transfer to bank account who are on the GHIPPS platform. You can perform the following:

i. Wallet to Bank Account
ii. Bank Account to wallet

Once you select any of the options, you will see a list of participating banks. You will be requested to input the bank account number and proceed with the steps to complete the transaction. The bank services are currently not activated. Updates will be provided in due course.

6. How do I verify the owner of the wallet or Bank Account I am sending money to?

For every transfer, you will be requested to input the account number twice and at the end of all the entries, the system will return with the name of the customer for confirmation before you enter your pin to complete the transaction.


7. Who qualifies for this service?

The service is available to ALL existing and future mobile money subscribers.


8. Do I need an additional PIN to use this service?

A subscriber will use their existing Mobile Money PIN to authorize all transactions to other networks.


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9. How much money can one transfer?

A subscriber can transfer as per their current daily limit allowed on their wallet.


10) What are the transaction Fees?

Amount (GHS) Fee Remarks
GHS 1 – GHS 50 GHS 0.75 Flat Fee
GHS 50 – GHS 1,000 1.5% 1.5% of Value
GHS 1,000 – GHS 5,000 GHS 15 Flat Fee


11. Who do I contact For more information?

The customer must use the existing MTN support channels, ie. 100 or visit the MTN Service Centre.


12. What do I do if something goes wrong with a transaction?

Call the call center of your mobile money service provider for assistance. MTN customers will call 100 or visit any MTN service center for assistance.


13. What are the additional services to be derived From this MMI?

a. Transfer of money From a mobile money wallet to a bank account (Wallet to Account – W2A).

This means mobile money users can transfer funds directly from their wallets to any bank accounts.

b. Transfer money From a bank account to a mobile money wallet (Account to Wallet – A2W).
This means mobile money users can debit or pull funds from their bank accounts and credit their wallets

To subscribe to this service, mobile money users must visit their bank branch to link their mobile money wallet/phone number to their bank account.