8 Ways Kantanka Motors can Become an Automobile Powerhouse

Kantanka automobile

Kantanka Automobile, a Ghanaian manufacturing and assembling company founded in 2004 has been in the auto business for a minute

kantaka automobile

The company recently gained the much-needed traction and sympathy of Ghanaians when the government of Ghana announced an agreement with German car manufacturer Volkswagen to set up a vehicle assembly plant in the country.

Nana Akufo Addo Angela Merkel

This move has got a large section of Ghanaians outraged as to why the government won’t support its own with the CEO, Kwadwo Sarfo Jr also waging in the war with a series of angry tweets:

I still remember this day like it was yesterday NAkufoAddo. If we didn’t get the support why then do you bring another company to compete against us,

“Mr President. Only thing we need is good policies to protect the automobile industry and help grow our local industries NAkufoAddo.

However many more have come up with alternative suggestions and ways for Kantaka motors to make the needed impact in the Ghanaian and sub-Saharan market.

A Facebook user by name – Kwesi Affum, is one of such, sharing some ideas to make Kantanka Automobiles do better, suggesting the automobile company should change its game plan fast…. REAL FAST

Here are 8 powerful points he shared on the social media network:

1. Start producing small cars of engine capacity 0.8L to 1.5L and motorbikes.

2. Have a good footing in all the northern regions to push the motorbikes

3. Now with the cars, have agreements with banks to for cars to be purchased and paid for on an instalment basis.

4. Find every ways or means to make the cars very cheap even if the government will not support you with tax cuts. Don’t worry, you can make all the money from parts. So change the game plan.. make all the cars VERY CHEAP.

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5. Start thinking around car exchange at very little top up or no fees. To encourage taxi drivers and other people who have small cars to exchange them for your cars… you only need to recycle them and use the same metal to produce more of yours.

6. Now, work every way possible to push your vehicles into the market. you will make more from parts.

7. Begin a partnership with ride-hailing services like (Uber, Taxify, Hello Ride, Uru) etc

8. Add SSNIT contributors for like 30 Years plus to the plan so your SSNIT serves as collateral

Check out some images (REAL and 3D of Kantaka motors below) and KINDLY SHARE your opinion and suggestions in the comment section



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