5 Interesting Jobs Ghanaian Youths Have Created in 2018 So Far…

jobs graduates ghana 2018

It’s 2018 Chale, a year most peeps have sworn to be their breakthrough, hook no (c)rook, man must chop, right?

But thing is, not everyone can work a white collar job or do a regular 9-5, coupled with the current unemployment rate soaring higher year-by-year as the number of (unemployed)graduates increase, it only makes sense that one uses creative ways to make ends meet.

January 2018 is almost over, but some Ghanaian youths are not waiting for the traditional last minute to make things happen for themselves as some have already started crafting innovative ways to make extra cash on the side using their skills whiles creating humour and fun doing what they do best.

In this article, I bring you 5 interesting jobs some Ghanaians have created for themselves in 2018, so far…

5. Turning Up your Wedding/Parties/Engagements

jobs graduates ghana 2018

We are all aware of the popular concept of professional and talented criers who are hired by bereaved families to ‘turn up’ funerals, a concept most popular in Kumasi.

Flip the coin for a second and what you’ll get is Elorm Sangbey & Friends.

With a tagline ‘Why force your friends when you’ve got Us?’ The ‘turn-up your event’ concept is currently making waves on social media with not only orders dropping in thick and fast but also potential turn-up candidates keying in their ‘job application’ to join the trend.

The service is pretty simple, hosting an event, party, wedding, anniversaries etc but have boring friends, no worries at all, its time to say goodbye to dry dancefloor, MCs begging people to get on the dance floor, or even a flop DJ as Elorm and his friends are bound to turn up your event any day.

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Their packages include:

*Bronze – Ghc300*
Normal Dance + Loud Applause when needed.

*Silver: Ghc500*
2 Formation Dances, Loud Applause when needed,

*Gold: Ghc750*
4 formation Dances, Loud Applause when needed, Jinjah the Crowd, Motivate the DJ

*Platinum- Ghc 1,000*
We go dirty wonna body. If u like, stop playing the music. We will clap and dance.

jobs graduates ghana 2018





4. TroTro Vibes

trotro vibes

Trotro Vibes is an educative, advocacy, entertainment and social interventions concept undertaken by some young innovate gentlemen who seek to use the power of music and rhythm to spread a message.

Comprising a collective of artists and urban educators, the group entertains, informs, educates as well as sell (direct market) for brands by using poetry, acoustic music and visuals at various Trotro stations and events.




3. Wooing A Girl On Behalf Of Guys Who Have ‘POP Of The Mouth’

Berla Mundi yvonne nelson

Before I continue with this one, I must state that a quick check by AccraConnect on this particular service proved it was more of a joke going viral on social media than an actual real business.

This particular idea must have been derived from the concept of pimps.

Basically, all you have to do is contact the service and pick your specs and package based on your interest, leave the rest to them..  the job of wooing your dream girl will do done on your behalf for the next two weeks, and hopefully you’ll get your dream girl…LOL

Here’s a format of the Concept package

Have you ever been admiring that beautiful girl in your class?

In your hostel?

In another class?

Are you that shy and lack vibes that you can’t approach her and tell her your mind?

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Or maybe you have been friend zoned?

Maybe you don’t impress her much?

Worry No More.
*Kye Girl No Ma Me* is here to work for you.
Just give us the details of the girl and she’ll be yours after two weeks. No juju magic.
Pure Vibes nkoaa.
Trust Us absolutely two weeks.
We’ll chat the girl in your name with your contact.

Price list is as follows:
*Level 100 girl* – 200gh
*Level 200 girl* – 400gh
*Level 300 girl* – 600gh
*Level 400 girl* – 800gh.
*Slim girl* – 100gh
*Body Yaazo* – 500gh
*Di Asa Girl* – 250gh
*Fair girl* – 400gh
*Dark girl* – 200gh.

*Motto*: *Wo Gye Obi Gurl aa Ne D3*

Although this job concept of more of a joke at the moment, chale ‘POP of the mouth’ is a pretty hard reality hitting most guys today and this service might actually be more useful to such guys…lol


2. MC’ing

jobs graduates ghana 2018

Being a master of ceremony (MC) is not entirely a 2018 thing, nor it is a new trend, however, this gracefully creative job opportunity is seeing high relevance year by year as more youths opt-in for creative means to make money.

From recent graduates, comedians, slick talking gentlemen/women all giving the MCing profession a more 2018 look.

Before I get to the number 1 (which I’ll leave to you) here are some honourable mentions of some 2018 jobs Ghanaian youths are undertaking

  • Photographer
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Professional Criers
  • Soul Serenaders
  • Soap Opera Commentators

Now over to you, do the honours of commenting your number 1 new job Ghanaians are creating for themselves in the comment section below