3 Simple Home-Based Products and Steps to Fight off Stretch Marks Forever

home based natural remedy cure stretch marks
home based natural remedy cure stretch marks

Stretch Marks are those irregular lines or streaks on the skin where it has been stretched or distended, especially due to pregnancy or excess fat.

For some, it’s a troubling Kanker that won’t go away.

Without talking too much lets dive into these simple steps that Fight Stretch-mark with outstanding Results


1) An Onion (Red or white)

2) Toothpaste (any brand)

3) Vaseline


1. Grate the onion and put it in a clean bowl, then add a spoon of Vaseline and a spoon of toothpaste.

2. Mix and apply on the stretch of stretch marks, massage for 10 minute.


3. Wait for 5 Minutes after massage then rinse and hydrate with cream or vaseline itself

Remember: the mixture can be applied every day and can be kept 3 days in the refrigerator after three days renew the mixture.


DISCLAIMER: These natural remedy health tips are from *Ekpo Ruth Natural health and beauty tips on Facebook as we will not be responsible for any damages or complications to your skin.

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