Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL : The Leakiest Phones that ever Leaked

google pixel XL 3XL leaks

The Pixel 3 and 3XL will be announced on October 9. But with pretty much every detail of the phone leaked already, Google might as well reveal it now

Leaks have become a crucial part of the pre-release buzz of new tech releases. Some manufacturers even contrive leaks as part of their marketing campaigns. Bloggers, YouTubers and rumours sites also fabricate fake leaks to lure in readers. It’s all very confusing and makes discerning fact from fiction a bit of a headache.




Below are 9 important features(rumours and supposed facts) that have been out so far

1. A single rear camera

A single rear camera was one of the earliest Pixel 3XL leaks, from back in June 2018. This came from serial leaker Ice Universe. And this setup likely applies to the Pixel 3 as well.


2. It has a fat notch

This is the most contentious part of the Pixel 3 leak puzzle. The phones reportedly have a deep pan notch that cuts further into the screen than most.


3. A 6.71 inches of screen on the XL

Wylsacom is a YouTuber who claims to have picked up one of the lost or stolen Pixel 3XL phones. His testing of the device suggests it has a 6.71-inch display with a 2960 x 1440 resolution panel.


4. LG OLED panel

The two major producers of OLED screens for phones are LG and Samsung. According to a leaker called Ice Universe, operating on Chinese social network Weibo, the Pixel 3s have a screen from LG. Just like the Pixel 2s

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5. There’s a wireless charger stand

The Pixel 2s do not support wireless charging. But it’s likely the Pixel 3s will, and that is consistent with suggestions of an all-glass back.


6. Only 3,430mAh battery for the 3XL

In August, a Pixel 3XL AnTuTu benchmark result was leaked. It showed the phone will likely have performance consistent with a Snapdragon 845 processor, and indicates it probably has a 3,430mAh battery. This is a lower capacity than the Note 9’s 4,000mAh cell or the Pixel 2XL’s 3,520mAh.


7. Two front cameras

One of the most fruitful was an unboxing of the phone published by a Russian blog in August. This gave the first clear look at the Pixel 3s’ dual 8-megapixel front cameras, which mandate the design of its display notch.


8. Wired Pixel buds come bundled

Google announced its Pixel Buds in 2017.

A Pixel 3XL unboxing posted by a Ukranian blogger in August suggests the phone will come with a new wired version of the earphones. They will plug into the phone’s USB-C port.


9. Active Edge is still in

Active Edge is one of the least talked-about features of the current Pixel 2s. Squeeze the phones and it silences a ringing phone, or brings up the Google Assistant.

You’d want to customise it to launch a favourite app, bring up your notifications or perhaps take a screenshot. Google is so desperate for us to use Assistant it deliberately restricts what Active Edge can do, though.



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