This Ghanaian Startup Makes Cotton Candy For Your Kids Events and Parties

catherine cotton candy

As parents and older adults, we are now and then celebrating special occasions of younger siblings and children by hosting events, parties and programs to celebrate their achievements.

Items such as cakes, toffees, sweets, balloons, food and drinks are regulars when it comes to kid parties.

How about adding an addition mix to the traditional kid party item?

Allow me to introduce Catherine’s Cotton Candy; a Ghanaian based startup that specializes in making colourful/tasty cotton candy and cakes to make you kids event an unforgettable experience.

Catherines Cotton candy employs industry-wide standard in producing its trendy cotton candy and cakes coupled with

  • Excellent logistics
  • Flexible production and distribution
  • Lower pricing and costs
  • Mobile and colour products

With a tagline ‘we make your event memorable‘ the sugar-coated business serves all sorts of events, individuals and organizations, from kids and teenagers parties, birthday celebrations, fun fairs at schools, Churches and all other social programs.


catherine cotton candy

Kids and teenagers most especially find their products amusing because of it spongelike and colourful appearance.

Founded by Catherine Ngissa-Sekyim in 2016, the business has over the years amassed wealth of experience when it comes to kids taste and preference as per candy cotton business.

So what are you waiting for? Make your kid feel special by treating him to a Catherine Cotton Candy today.

Organizations and outfits can also make bulk orders for a good discount on their colourful products.

To reach out to Catherine Cotton Candy kindly call 0546890154 / 0269448243 or via email

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catherine cotton candy