EVENT ALERT: GC Global Maiden Cryptocurrency Conference Is Happening In February

bitcoin cryptocurrency conference

The GC Global maiden Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Conference is coming up this February. This event is targeted at both novices and experts in the cryptocurrency industry.

The aim is to create more awareness of the potential Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies have in the financial industry, and how one can take advantage of this whole new tech boom.

Bitcoin has some stigmatization to it, especially from those who do not understand what it and how it works. By this event, GC Global seeks to educate and impact the right knowledge to the attendees of this event.


• Learn how to start using Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency. It’s easier than you have heard or think
• Learn how to invest in the Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major currencies
• Learn how to mine Bitcoin and other currencies and what it takes to start
• Experience real live demos of how you can trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges from experts in the game


• Meet and hang out with Crypto enthusiasts like yourself. Make lasting connections
• Free Tshirts and Bitcoin vouchers up for grabs. All attendees get them for free
• Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency. There are several others: over 1000+. At this event, we’ll learn about all the rest, how and why to invest in them, the “best” ones to invest in, etc.


Event Organizers: GC Global

Website: www.gclive.io

Contact numbers: +233 241044868 / +233200232743

Venue: iSpace Accra

Time: 11am to 3:00pm


How to attend event

Tickets: https://egotickets.com/events/cryptocurrency-conference-2018

Payment options: Online payment via mobile money or VISA card

Crypto currency options: Add your name in the payment description

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bitcoin cryptocurrency conference