FASHION FRIDAY : How To Turn A Plain Shirt To An Off Shoulder

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If you love off shoulder tops, dresses, jumpsuits…anything off shoulder as much as i do, then we know and we know how we roll. And if you do not do well with off shoulder anything, you better join the family, and you are welcome in advance.

So I had this plain shirt and for the longest time I could not find the right way to wear it,and I mean right way to wear a shirt. How is that possible even. Well, meet this queen of impossible possibilities.

fashion friday

Yes. My face tells how wronged I feel by this shirt.

Fast-forward to how I changed it in very simple steps and had myself feeling like me in an outfit.



Elastic Band
Thread and a needle

Three Way Step:

First, cut the length of the shirt. To a point that does not affect the sleeve.

Fold the edge of the newly cut shoulder length into the wrong side of the fabric and he sew at the edge. As sewing machine can be used also if you know how.

Make sure to leave small opening for the elastic band.

Last, put in your elastic band and your troubles are over.


Here is a finished now wearable product. As you can see one end of the elastic band popping, so remember to fix it firmly, and cut off excess.

Hope this was useful and let me know i n the comments section if I missed anything, hopefully not…haha

fashion friday