Fashion Friday – Why Your Wardrobe Needs At Least One Black Outfit

Black is the darkest colour, the result of the absence or complete absorption of visible light.

There is so much meaning for black around the globe. For some, It can be seen as mournful and sometimes be threatening but just like all colours, It has its positives and negatives.

When it comes to fashion, the colour symbolically represents all forms of style and elegance. In a way, black forces us to face ourselves.

fashion friday Black Dress wardrobe

The colour is perfect and dim, stands out all at the same time. I actually happen to refer to the idea of a black outfit as my dark distinction.

A black outfit is typically never too much, as a person cannot be said to be UNDER or OVERdressed when rocking bold black clothing.

Furthermore, there is hardly any existing accessory that will not sit and dine with black. Be it your favourite Gold shoe, pink jacket, white earrings or necklaces and oh not forgetting our very own colourful African prints.

fashion friday Black Dress wardrobe

Typically in Ghana and other parts of the world, an all-black outfit represents funerals and bereaved moments, forget all that and journey with me as I walk you through all the goodies of having at least one black outfit in your closet

1. Black makes a bold statement

You know who you notice when she enters a room? The girl in just another awful pastel print? Absolutely not.

It’s the girl dressed in black who’s grabbing your attention. And the best part is it’s not even in an obnoxious way. In fact, it’s quite the opposite

fashion friday Black Dress wardrobe

2. Black is timeless.

Fads may come and go, but black is forever.


3. Black never runs out of style.

People constantly look back at their life, reliving memories and can’t help but think, “WHAT THE HECK WAS I WEARING?”

When it comes to black, you’re never going to have regrets — I can guarantee that.


4. A Black outfit doesn’t need to show off

Black is trying without actually trying. Isn’t that the look everyone is secretly trying to achieve?

5. Every piece of clothing always looks better in black

Anything that comes in any other colour will always look better in black, literally everything.

fashion friday Black Dress wardrobe


6. You don’t need bright colours to stand out

A Black outfit worn elegantly stands out in its own shade


7. A Black outfit is slimming

The best part? Black is the most flattering of all of the colours out there! Trying to look thin? What better outfit brings out the slim fit in you than black.

fashion friday Black Dress wardrobe

I could go on and on about the deep love for black but I’ll rather stop here and hear what you also have to say about having at least one BIG BOLD BLACK outfit in your wardrobe in the comment section

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fashion friday Black Dress wardrobe