FASHION FRIDAY: Best of the Best

fashion friday

Hey beautiful people, a new month is upon us and with it comes new blessings and grace.

In the coming weeks, I promise you nothing but more amazing content, articles and videos with a wide variety and style.

But before we delve into our interesting upcoming months ahead of us, let us take this Friday to recap some golden old pieces you may have enjoyed in the past weeks

Here are links to some of our best of the best Fashion Friday content on AccraConnect

Why you need at least one black outfit 

Colour blocking; My favourite Go to

Fashion Friday Street meets you

HD (Street Classic) collections

How to Turn a plain shirt to an off shoulder

Here’s  how your wardrobe colour affects your mood

How to make Gathered Skirt (VIDEO)

How to Turn your Pants(Trousers) to an Easy wear skirt


OMG I Caught the Yellow Fever


fashion friday


Thank you so much for actively engaging with me in the past weeks… Grateful!!!

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