Farmart Ghana launches FarmartZero to help fight Foodwaste

Ghanaian agritech startup Farmart has today launched FarmartZero to help farmers fight food waste to contribute to achieving zero food waste and zero hunger through technology.

One third of global food produced never makes it further than the farm, largely because its appearance does not meet the standards of consumers who reject ugly or imperfect looking produce. However, a quarter of the food lost or wasted each day would be enough to feed the hungry people in the world to achieve zero hunger. Reducing food loss and waste is critical to creating a Zero Hunger world and reaching the world’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG 1 (End Poverty),  SDG 2 (End Hunger) and SDG 12 (Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns). FarmartZero helps reduce foodwaste by upselling them to interested charitable organisations, food processors and organic fertiliser companies.

“In our work with helping farmers have access to ready market and reduce post harvest, we realised we often reject some farm produce largely due to their imperfect appearance to meet the freshness standard of our cherished customers. FarmartZero will help farmers sell these ugly or imperfect produce whiles helping consumers save more on food purchased since they are much cheaper compared to the good looking produce” said Farmart founder, Abraham Omani Quaye.

Customers may simply visit the FarmartZero page to send their request for foodwaste. Once the request is received, customers will be contacted to schedule the supply.

About Farmart Ghana

Farmart is the top online farmer’s market in Ghana that links farmers to homes and businesses in a whole new smart way. They do this by sourcing fresh produce and groceries from farmers and deliver to homes and businesses when an order is placed on the website Customers can shop all their fresh farm produce and groceries right online at the comfort of their homes or offices and have them delivered on the same day anywhere in Accra, Tema or Kasoa by well trained delivery personnel. Nationwide delivery is also now available to anywhere in Ghana.