Facebook News Feed now Downranks Sites with Stolen Content

facebook news feed

According to reports by techcrunch.com, Facebook is rolling out an update to its newsfeed that will demote and derank news publishers and other websites that scrape and republish content from other sources with little or no modification, In other words, copy and paste bloggers…yawa dey for una lolxx

It will work by showing less links prominently in the News Feed if they have a combination of this new signal about content authenticity along with either clickbait headlines or landing pages overflowing with low-quality ads. The move comes after Facebook’s surveys and in-person interviews discovered that users hate scraped content.


The new publisher guidelines will warn news outlets to add original content or value to reposted content or invoke the social network’s wrath.

“Starting today, we’re rolling out an update so people see fewer posts that ink out to low quality sites that predominantly copy and republish content from other sites without providing unique value. We are adjusting our Publish Guidelines accordingly,”

So how does Facebook determine if content is stolen?

Facebook’s systems will compare the main text content of a page with all other text content to find potential matches.

The degree of matching is used to predict that a site stole its content. It then uses a combined classifier merging this prediction with how clickbaity a site’s headlines are plus the quality and quantity of ads on the site. Confusing huh?

Facebook needs to come out clearly to explain this more,




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