EVENT ALERT : Face Out With OB Amponsah And Virtual Friends

faceout ob amponsah

Ever since social media gained mainstream popularity amongst millennials, you’d agree with me that inter-personal close-up interactions amongst friends and distant relations have seen a sharp decline.

Let’s face it, we all have friends online we interact (LIKES, SHARES, COMMENT) with daily on social media without knowing for sure what these peeps look like in real life (Their real face)

It is in this same line that popular comedian OB Amponsah seeks to connect virtual friends in the online/social media world to a face-to-face fun-filled event termed FACE OUT WITH VIRTUAL FRIENDS

The event promises to be super fun with exciting musical performances,  poetry, comic sessions, live trolls and open mic mashups.

Other top social influencers will also be there to grace the night including yours truly.

On March 2nd be sure to take some time off Facebook, IG, Snapchat or wherever you are slaying to get interactive with virtual friends in real life.

For further enquiries, sponsorship and information kindly call 0504690629



EVENT: Faceout with Virtual Friends

HOST: OB Amposnsah

DATE: 2nd March 2018

LOCATION: Bar Naas-East Legon


faceout ob amponsah faceout ob amponsah