EVENT ALERT: Wealth Masters Summit 2018 – Where Billionaires Are Made

wealth masters summit 2018

The 2nd edition of Wealth Masters Summit, an annual business event that seeks to connect startups, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals alike with the purpose of networking and developing new improved ways of doing business, will come off on the (Date) at the (Venue).

wealth masters summit 2018

The 2-day seminar based on the theme ‘Building Communities of  Prosperity for the Future’, will offer business-minded persons real world practical tools in starting up businesses or turning existing businesses from good to great.

The event will also showcase world-class peer groups focused on raising billionaires, encouraging Intra-trade and sharing good stories and ideas to the world.

Who Should Attend

The summit is open to business Owners, Startup, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Venture Capitalist, Marketing Gurus, Business Coaches, Consultants etc

Aside, connecting with expert business consultants and networking with partners/coaches, the summit will also feature top:

  • Business experts/coaches
  • Media gurus
  • Angel Investors
  • International Speakers from UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Malawi

wealth masters summit 2018


Participants are guaranteed powerful insights, strategies and expert information from people who built their businesses from scratch and have made it in life.

The Wealth Masters summit is organized by Wealth Masters Group

wealth masters summit 2018


EVENT: Wealth Masters Summit

DATE: 2nd to 4th March 2018

TIME: 9 am

VENUE: Engineers Centre- Cantonments Accra

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About Wealth Masters Group

The Wealth Masters Group is a World-Class peer group with a vision to create responsible wealth through training and coaching on business entrepreneurship, good stewardship and capital appreciation as well as maintenance.

The Wealth Masters Group has within its network Scientists, Engineers, Business development experts, Startup entrepreneurs, Business Coaches, Politicians, Advocates, Lawyers, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Angel Investors, Media Consultants etc. with a passion to assist in the creation of legacy businesses around the world with a focus on Africa.

wealth masters summit 2018



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The main objectives of the World Masters Group include:

  • Promoting Personal growth and development
  • Promote Business Development
  • Harnessing and promoting Entrepreneurship
  • Facilitation of  Inter-Trade & Investments
  • Training, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Encouraging Joint Ventures
  • Raising Global Leaders  
  • Summits, Conference & Seminars

For more information, bookings and sponsorship kindly reach out on 0244 489144 / 0274489144

wealth masters summit 2018 wealth masters summit 2018 wealth masters summit 2018 wealth masters summit 2018 wealth masters summit 2018