Don’t get Stuck in Traffic Again. Use this Tool to Check Live Traffic Updates on the Streets of Accra

traffic accra

This is Accra, yes the city that almost never sleeps

With an increase in the activities of the driving public, a typical day on the streets of Accra doesn’t pass without major traffic congestions on all major roads.

If only there was a service you can use to verify the traffic situation before setting off towards your destination. YES, there is!!

Enter Traffic Ghana Live, a first and only provider of live traffic video, offering easy access to a growing number of traffic cameras throughout Ghana.

Using this website, one can plan his/her road trips with help from their live traffic camera feeds, determine weather situation, local road network and accident information.


The service is currently browser-based with PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices

Although the locations are limited for now, with enough sponsorship the service should spread quickly with video cameras around major roads in Ghana.

Traffic Ghana is powered by  Teledata ICT and, to learn more about Traffic Ghana Live visit here




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