You Can Now Monitor Live Traffic Information in Accra Using Google Maps

google map live traffic update accra

You would recall a few weeks back when I blogged about Traffic Ghana Live, a company that specializes in providing live video traffic updates in Accra.

Well, seems Google also wants to do same, with a recent update to their Map allowing users to get live traffic information in Accra.

The feature enables users to see how much traffic is on major roads and highways, which streets are congested or not before setting off to their destination all in real time.


How It Works

Google Traffic works by analyzing the GPS-determined locations transmitted to Google by a large number of mobile phone users. By calculating the speed of users along a length of road, Google is able to generate a live traffic map.


They then process the incoming raw data about mobile phone device locations and then excludes anomalies such as a postal vehicle that makes frequent stops. When a threshold of users in a particular area is noted, the overlay along roads and highways on the Google map changes colour.

For heavy traffic areas, the map shows “red”, while yellow and green areas indicate mild and low traffic respectively.

Google Traffic can be viewed at the Google Maps website, or by using the Google Maps application on your mobile devices.




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