10 Strong Reasons Why This Bitcoin Company is the Preferred Choice For Ghanaians

sinpoa.com bitcoin provider

One Bitcoin is now worth over $12,000 (as at the time of this writing), yes you read right over $12k .. crypto investors are smiling.

This post isn’t to blab about what is causing the currency to appreciate so much in value, but to urge you to join the ever-growing trend with one company blazing the trail here in Ghana.

That company is Sinpoa.com, a blazing Bitcoin exchange and provider in Ghana.

Below I outline 10 top reasons why it is the preferred choice for online cryptocurrency traders in Ghana and beyond


sinpoa.com bitcoin provider


1. Creating an account on their Sinpoa is a breeze as process is SIMPLE, FAST and best of all…. FREE

sinpoa.com bitcoin provider

2. The dashboard for trading and buying bitcoin on Sinpoa is super friendly, aiding in the easy trade of bitcoins on the platform.

3. Bitcoin confirmation on Sinpoa is less than 1-hour, yes you read right, ONE HOUR

4. With strong security measures in place, the Sinpoa platform offers a safe and secure avenue to trade without any fear of scams or fraud.

Wait there’s more

sinpoa.com bitcoin provider

5. I have compared a wide array of bitcoin rates on the Ghanaian websphere, and I must say Sinpoa.com offers very competitive and much better rates.

6. There is a wide array of payment options, ranging from mobile money to bank transfers…..your convenience is definitely assured

7. Excellent customer service readily available to sort you out.

8. The platform offers a Live chat support service to help you through the on-boarding process and aid in any difficulties you may face in transaction on the platform.

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9. With massive growth and strategic expansions in the pipeline, Sinpoa is set to launch in other countries in the coming months making it a global brand to trust.

10. I have an account with them, so yes.. take my word for it, I know what I am talking about

Need I say more?

Simple logon to Sinpoa.com today by clicking here to register and create a FREE account to start trading with the currency of the future on a platform you can trust.

Reach them via email info@sinpoa.com or phone +233554023244.

You can also FOLLOW and LIKE their page on Facebook at Sinpoa Bitcoin Exchange

Already have an account with Sinpoa? Do not hesitate to share your experience with them in the comment section