A Poverty Stricken Mindset

As a financial educator and an advocate for sound financial decisions and habits, I have come to realise that most people are suffering from what I called poverty-stricken mindset.

Those who are stuck in a poverty-stricken mindset don’t realize or understand the impact that their daily habits are having on their ongoing financial burdens.

So today I want to expound on the habits of poverty stricken-mindset. 
If you catch yourself absorbed in any of the following habits, then immediately break yourself away, change your actions, thinking, emotions and look towards cultivating the wealth attraction mindset, characteristics, beliefs and habits (I will discuss with you on a later day).


1. Easily Influenced by Others

If you are easily influenced by others, while continuing to hang around other people who constantly complain about their financial problems, then your financial journey is over up until the moment you make a decision to remove yourself from their presence. You have no chance of reaching a point of financial success in your life because others will just hold you down to their levels of thinking.

Be aware of this and remove yourself from these people immediately. Move away to another city, state or country if you have to. Just move away and get yourself out of their circle of influence.

2. Focusing on What You Don’t Want

A poverty-stricken mindset focuses on the things that it doesn’t want. Is it really surprising that these types of people end up getting what they focus on?
Energy flows where focus is. Today, start focusing on things you want in your life and trust me, you will have them just like Rudolph Mensah, Author of Becoming Your Dream would put it, ” if not immediately, definitely.”

3. Seeking Instant Gratification

A poverty-stricken mindset seeks instant gratification at every opportunity. They seek those little short cuts of pleasure to avoid immediate pain. On the other hand, a wealthy mindset focuses on long-term pleasure and they learn to manage short-term pain. Get rid of short term pleasure, get rid of short cuts. Go through the process. 

4. Making Constant Excuses

You will find a poverty-stricken person always making excuses for their predicament, circumstances, and position in life. Let go of the excuses once and for all. You are where you are, so live with that but decide to move forward in a better direction that will lead you to financial success.
If you really think about it, no one really cares about excuses, they are simply a way to draw sympathy from others.

And if you have a habit of being around other like-minded people, then there is no doubt, they will give you all the sympathy they can muster in order to keep you feeling sorry for yourself for as long as possible.

5. Constantly Worried About Losing Money

People with a poverty-stricken mindset always worry about losing money and their possessions. It is, of course, understandable that if you don’t have a lot that you will more likely worry about losing it. However, this is exactly what keeps people within their current life predicament, and is a pivotal reason why they will never achieve financial abundance.

6. Not Being Realistic About Money

A person with a poverty-stricken mindset is often not very realistic about their money. They tend to dream a little too much and don’t back-up those dreams with the necessary actions that will make their dreams come to fruition in the real world.

7. Not Making Money Important

A person with a poverty-stricken mindset simply does not make earning money a high enough priority. Yes they want money, and they want to earn it as quickly as possible, however when it comes to the amount of time, effort and energy they put into making the necessary steps and actions towards earning this money, it simply pails in comparison. There is, after all, a big difference between just wanting something and doing whatever it takes to bring those wants to fruition.

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-Peter Kwadwo Asare

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