6 Must have Accessories for Your Travels : The Ultimate Guide

Travel Accessories

Travelling for pleasure is usually fun. The prospect of experiencing a different way of life, clothes and food is always enthralling. Navigating a new place and a new language is exciting as it is a lot to grasp and keeps you thinking on your feet. Travelling is also an eye-opener. Annabell O’Connor says it better:

“Travel is the most profound eye-opener I know, and it brings with it tolerance, flexibility, curiosity and the irreversible expansion of one’s horizons…”

You’ve finally agreed to take that needed vacation. You went on Jumia Travel and searched for the perfect travel destinations & packages. You’ve figured out the place(s) to visit and have made the decision on the day to leave, the duration and a budget. You have a journey to plan and may have made a decision regarding what items you’d need to travel with. But did you stop to consider what accessories you’d need to ensure your trip is entirely pleasurable?

Every now and then, a new carry-on device or piece is usually introduced to the market to cater to the many needs of both local and international travellers, making life during their journeys easier and what it should be – pleasurable. Here, we drill down and explore 6 important accessories you’d need to have for your next trip.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones as seen on Wikipedia are headphones that reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control. They are particularly useful when you need to catch a good sleep on that long flight or bus ride while on a road trip. While travelling, you may want to tune the world out and listen to your own audio or watch your videos without any distractions. Here comes the mighty noise cancelling headphones. You can tune out unwanted audio and sound while you enjoy the sounds of your own melody.

Portable Chargers (Power Banks)

Do you need to use the map to figure out the directions to your destination? Maybe someone is meant to contact you on your arrival. With a low to no battery on your phone, you are stuck and are left in a rather precarious situation. Portable chargers or power banks are perfect for travelling and keep you always prepared. Phones are getting slimmer, but they are also getting more powerful. And power requires energy. The energy that phones don’t have, but portable chargers do. This makes portable chargers a must have for your trips.

Digital luggage scale

During your travels, you will want to avoid any inconveniences completely. Most airlines across the globe impose a luggage weight restrictions on all passengers. So, how do you make sure you never violate these restrictions and avoid the embarrassment of unpacking/repacking at check in? Get yourself a Digital Luggage Scale. The Digital Luggage Scale is a simple handheld gadget that you can use to measure and ascertain the weight of your luggage so you can pass the bag check at the airport. With this gadget, no more embarrassment at check-ins.


Multi Bag stacker

Kelly, a travel writer from Canada says – the best luggage for travel is both strong enough to make it through baggage handlers and good looking enough to be pulled around airport terminals. Thus, while you consider aesthetics, you should also think of durability, function and size. But what happens if you need to travel with multiple luggages? You’re probably thinking – it is just me, how do I move these luggages?

Well, a must-have accessory to help you with this is a multi-bag stacker.


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The multi-bag stacker is designed so you can move up to 4 luggages with one hand. All you’ve got to do is attach the hooks of the multi-bag strap to the handles of each rolling luggage, add the last tote bag, tip to its rear wheels and you’re a go. Yes, that easy. This simple accessory can save you a ton of stress.

Garment Steamer

Do you plan to attend a conference during your stay? You’d agree that it is proper to show up looking clean and tidy. So, you may need that last-minute touch-ups or decreasing for your clothes. Then, grab a garment steamer and throw in your bag as you prepare for your trip.


Garment Steamers are designed to cut down on ironing time and for quickly neatening clothes you have on the hanger, without necessarily setting up an ironing board. They’re light, convenient to use and reduce the risk of scorching your clothes.


While garment steamers are not the right solution for everyone, they’re however a great accessory for your travel especially if you’d regularly and hurriedly iron just one item at a time during your stay, you need a lightweight iron to help neaten your clothes and you are taking along many delicate clothes with you.

International travel charger

There are about 12 different types of power sockets used around the world – staggering right? This is no good news as you begin to plan your trip. You’re probably not sure what type of charger is used where you’d be vacationing. However, this is a completely avoidable problem as there are now international travel chargers & adapters.


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Choosing the right international travel charger/adapter is largely dependent on your needs. There is a lot of options out there, but be sure to check the voltage for each device you’d be charging to ascertain if you will need a voltage converter. For laptops, you may not need a converter as most laptops power pack will specify a range of 100-240V.

Whatever the case, you need an international travel adapter like the Zendure Passport Global Travel Adapter so you can properly charge your devices without worrying about the sockets at your destination.

While you’re really thrilled about your vacation, remember to stay safe, be prepared and carry with you all the necessary accessories you need to have a time of your life. Take enough time to prepare for your trip, make a checklist of everything so you miss nothing.

Happy travelling!!